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best percocet high

What does a percocet high feel like - The.
Man on Percocet Fired For Being High. What Does Percocet Feel Like
Can Percocet Get You High 16.02.2010  Best Answer: Do not take more than one pill, it can cause your automatic breathing system to shut off, leading to coma and death. You may feel "high" but
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14.07.2010  Best Answer: 54/543? That doesn't make any sense. EDIT: That's a 5mg percocet. One will get you high if you're not used to it. It would take a handful to
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best percocet high

Oxycontin High
Percocet Dosage to Get High

54/543 Percocet? how many will get you.

best percocet high

Man on Percocet Fired For Being High.

It's very euphoric when you take it. Well, depending on the strength, really. If you take a Percocet 10, you'll feel the effects after only one pill. But a first time
  • Getting high off of percocet? - Yahoo!.

  • Business owner fires man on his first day for being high on prescription Percocet.
    How many 10 mg percocet would it take to.
    22.07.2008  Best Answer: Sorry, abusing drugs is not something I condone or help with. just depends on your tolerance ,if you take say 1 10mg 3x a day you could